We chose tennis as our primary healthy activity because it inherently offers overall physical and cardiovascular fitness, socialization, teamwork, and strengthening of characteristics such as self-confidence, goal-setting, focus, mental toughness, and problem-solving.

Adults & Juniors

  • We provide free/discounted clinics and organized play for beginners and re-starters.  Clinics are conducted by local pros and Glen Alex.
  • We provide free tennis wear and equipment from donations to alleviate initial expenses involved in playing tennis.
  • We provide free mentoring to new and returning players that include rules of the game, fair play, and tennis instruction.

Our tennis programs expose players to different tennis facilities, pros and league options to further their development and overall health.  We hold event throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Since 2009, we have served nearly 200 beginners and re-starters.

"No work is insignificant.  All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence."

​Martin Luther King, Jr.

G Alex Foundation was founded in Nevada in 2009 to promote health.  Your donation may be tax deductible.

Health matters!  Our wellness programs are designed engage individuals in their own healthcare.  As such, early detection and intervention, appropriate treatment, and pertinent tools are critical in optimizing the health of community members.
​Health Screenings

Early detection & treatment are critical in managing these conditions that have a major impact on lives.  We've sponsored nearly 400 screenings since 2011. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by one of these potentially debilitating diseases.  Each condition is manageable with early detection and treatment, and need not be debilitating.

Prostate Cancer   ~   Kidney Disease   ~   Hypertension   ~   Diabetes

Silent Angels
We sponsor free Breast Massages for low income cancer patients.  Breast Massage relieves pain and breaks down scar tissue caused by Breast Cancer treatment.  By breaking down scar tissue, Breast Massage paves the way for progressive treatments. Since May 2012, we've sponsored over 50 Breast Massages.  Click here for an application.

Your Big Healthy Family
"It takes a village.", Hillary Clinton.  We agree! Therefore we adopted a local middle school with low income and special needs students to provide for their developmental needs for which there are no other resources.  This program began in October 2014 and provides clothing, school supplies, tutoring, and other special needs.  Also, we provided 52 food baskets and school supply packets for students at high risk during spring break 2015.

Previously, we partnered with a foster care agency and provided for the unmet needs of 50+ foster children.